General Information: Brazos County

The peak of Brazos County’s permit approval occurred in 1992 when over 225 permits were approved for that year alone. Only the spike in permit approvals that occurred in 2013 has come close to this record. For last year, over 135 permits were approved. For this year, 45 permits were approved. More than 20 permits were turned down including those filed by the Woodbine Acquisition LLC; Crimson Energy Ptners III, L.L.C.; Apache Corporation; and Halcon Operating Co.,Inc.

As for oil production, it peaked in 1993 when the county produced more than 7,203,425 barrels of oil. Ever since, the production in the county has gone down to an average of more than 1,440,685 barrels of oil. However, in 2013, this figure went up slightly with a production of over 2,881,370 barrels of oil. For this year, the production went down to just over 1,440,685 barrels again.

Since the start of the county’s operations, around 530 operators have gone into its territory. The top leases include the Dansby Heirs Well No. 1 Re Oil Release #025896; Falcon Oil Lease #026935; Hamilton Oil Lease #004060; Hawk Unit Oil Lease #004018; and Jack Irick Unit Oil Lease #026363.

Oil Production in Barrels By Year In Brazos County, TX