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Texas’ Oil Top Guns

According to the Railroad Commission of Texas (RRC), in 2013, 32 companies were recorded to be the top producers of oil in the State of Texas. The top performer was EOG Resources, Inc. whose production accounted for 9.017% of the state’s total production. In a year, they were able to produce 63,402,417 barrels of oil. Their average daily output was around 173,705 barrels.

gasComprising the top 10 producers are Occidental Permian Ltd in second place with an annual production of 5.886% of the state’s total oil production or 41,383,449 barrels. Also included are Chesapeake Operating, Inc. (5.594%) with 39,331,634; Apache Corporation (3.908%) with 27,480.809; Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc. (3.858%) with 27,128,503; Burlington Resources O&G Co LP (3.396%) with 23,879,748; Marathon Oil EF LLC (3.201) with 22,506,864; Kinder Morgan Production Co LLC (2.870%) with 20,176,240; XTO Energy Inc (2.598%) with 18,269,605; and Murphy Expl. & Prod. Co – USA (2.276%) with 16,001,541.

Capping off the list is Comstock Oil & Gas, LP whose production accounts for .628% of the state’s total production or 4,414,819 barrels of oil a year. On the average, they produced 12,095 barrels of oil a day. The top 32 producers make up 66.884% of the total oil production in the state of Texas. The average barrels of oil produced was 470,270,648 with a daily average of 1,288,413 barrels of oil.

Summary of Data in Texas
  • 147,663 Producing Leases
  • 4,309 Producing Operators
  • 1,463,281 Drilled Wells
  • 72,384,569 BBL Of Oil Produced In Apr 2014
  • 507,576,856 MCF Of Gas Produced In Apr 2014


Top Operators By Production
  1. Anadarko E&P Onshore LLC
  2. Apache Corporation
  3. BHP Billiton Pet(Txla Op) Co
  4. Burlington Resources O & G Co LP
  5. Chesapeake Operating, Inc.
  6. Devon Energy Production Co, L.P.
  7. Enervest Operating, L.L.C.
  8. EOG Resources, Inc.
  9. Kinder Morgan Production Co LLC
  10. Marathon Oil Ef LLC
  11. Murphy Expl. & Prod. Co. – USA
  12. Occidental Permian LTD.
  13. Pioneer Natural Res. USA, Inc.
  14. SM Energy Company
  15. XTO Energy Inc.