General Information: Cochran County

Permit approval in Cochran County peaked in 1990 and in 1994 when more than 100 permits were approved for those years alone. The lowest recorded approval rate in the county occurred in 21998 when just under 20 permits were approved. The approval rate this year is just a little better with an approval more than 20 permits. The companies that filed the most number of permits in the area include A.C.T. Operating Company; Silver Creek Oil & Gas, LLC; Apache Corporation; and Tema Oil and Gas Company.

The highest production in the county occurred in 1993 when more than 7,367,000 barrels of oil were produced. This number, however, has been on a decline ever since, with the worst performance in terms of oil production occurring this year with a production of only a little over 2,946,800 barrels of oil.

Since the start of its operations, some 434 operators have gone into its territory. The top leases in the county include the Boyd Oil Lease #005907; Dean, C.S. “A” Oil Lease #005947; Igoe-Smith Oper. Area Oil Lease #005947; Mallet Oil Lease #018149; and North Central Levelland Unit Oil Lease #060557.

Top Producing Operators in Cochran County, TX

  1. Apache Corporation
  2. Bee-Jay Petro, Inc.
  3. Chevron Midcontinent, L.P.
  4. Cross Timbers Energy, LLC
  5. Endeavor Energy Resources L.P.
  6. Energen Resources Corporation
  7. Kimbell Operating Company
  8. Legacy Reserves Operating LP
  9. Moncrief, W. A., JR.
  10. Occidental Permian LTD.
  11. Oxy USA WTP LP
  12. Tema Oil And Gas Company
  13. Vanguard Permian, LLC
  14. Walsh Petroleum, Inc.
  15. Yucca Energy, Inc.

Top Producing Leases in Cochran County, TX

  1. Boyd Oil Lease #005907
  2. Dean, C. S. “A” Oil Lease #006035
  3. Igoe-Smith Oper. Area Oil Lease #005947
  4. Mallet Unit Oil Lease #018149
  5. North Central Levelland Unit Oil Lease #060557
  6. Northwest Mallet Unit Oil Lease #018246
  7. Smith-Igoe Oil Lease #006071
  8. West Levelland Unit Oil Lease #060190
  9. Woodley, F. L. Oil Lease #005998
  10. Wright, J.M. Unit Oil Lease #068120
  11. Xit Unit Oil Lease #060436
Summary of Data in Cochran County, TX
  • 221 Producing Leases
  • 68 Producing Operators
  • 7,784 Drilled Wells
  • 390,824 BBL Of Oil Produced In Jun 2014
  • 190,790 MCF Of Gas Produced In Jun 2014